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Atlantic City’s Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

Atlantic City’s Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

For those who visit Atlantic City for the thrills outside of the casinos, you will have something new to be excited about in the future. Steel Pier will be getting a brand-new coaster!

Located at 1000 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, Steel Pier has been going through a massive transformation.

Considered Atlantic City’s Oldest Theme Park, Steel Pier’s owner Anthony Catanoso, has been making many improvements on the pier and giving it some new life.

The biggest change was back in 2018 when they installed a 227-foot tall Ferris wheel titled “The Wheel.” (One of the largest Ferris wheels on the East Coast). Due to the gondolas being enclosed, the wheel is open almost year-round while the rest of the pier goes into hibernation. This year The Wheel will be open until December 31st. 

During this off-season, just like Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey, they take this time to improve their pier and visit different trade shows.

Currently, all of the Worlds biggest parks are meeting this week for the annual IAAPA meeting.

IAAPA stands for International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It is here where parks can look at what’s new in the amusement world, attend trainings, try new arcade games, receive awards and show off some of their new upcoming attractions.

While Morey’s Piers wasn’t showcasing anything, Steel Pier was.

Atlantic City's Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

Atlantic City’s Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

Premier Rides, an amusement ride manufacturer based in Baltimore Maryland, debuted some new attractions they are building for Steel Pier which feature two different roller coasters.

The first coaster is a spinning coaster, which is a remake of the original one they introduced back in 1996. This is essentially a new version of a Wild Mouse coaster.

Their other Wild Mouse coaster was removed back in 2021 for a secret project (now we know why)

The second coaster is the Skyrocket II. This coaster was first introduced back in 2012 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as ‘Superman: Ultimate Flight.’ It features a height of 150 feet with a track length of 863 feet, a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour, and one inversion.

Atlantic City's Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

Atlantic City’s Steel Pier To Get Two New Coasters

What makes this ride a good fit for this pier is its small footprint.

This version of the Skyrocket II will have digital signage on it making it a big billboard for the pier. Both coasters will feature a killer lighting package as well.

This is where the ok news comes in. These coasters won’t be ready in time for their 2023 season which starts on April 1st. The new spinning Wild Mouse coaster will debut in 2024 while their Skyrocket II will debut in 2025.

There have been some rumors going around that these new coasters won’t be new coasters but instead transplants from another amusement park on the other side of the world.

The amusement park, Bosque Magico, located in Guadalupe, Mexico, closed down this past August. It opened back in 1994 and sadly had fallen victim to the “Great Park” project. Over the years the park had grown and had been adding in some new rides such as Zombie and Policias y Ratones.

These are the same exact rides that are mentioned in the Premier Rides announcement.

The Zombie is a Skyrocket II and Policias y Ratones is a Zamperla Spinning Mouse.

Bosque Magico,

Bosque Magico,

Of course, there is no way of knowing if these are those rides until they are taken down and shipped over to Premier Rides for refurbishment. Before they can even be installed though, Steel Pier will have to fix some of their supports and make room.

The video below showcases some renderings and videos of the new coasters. Let us know what you think!


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