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Beloved Morey’s Piers Ride Removed

Beloved Morey’s Piers Ride Removed

There will be some massive changes coming to Morey’s Piers for their 2023 summer season.

Last week, we broke the news that a very popular ride and attraction is currently up for sale online. Within a few days of our news report, the attraction was removed completely. Some were hoping that the ride wasn’t going to be removed so far but unfortunately in a wink of an eye it was gone.

Beloved Morey’s Ride Removed

Beloved Morey’s Piers Ride Removed

If you want to read our full story on what is going in its place, click the link below.

Morey’s Piers Puts Popular Attraction Up For Sale

Boat Tag was the ride and it sadly has officially been written into the history books as of today. 

To know what’s going on here we have to jump back to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was during this time that a new application was added to the Wildwood Zoning and Planning board that gave clues to a massive new change coming to Adventure Pier.

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This plan called for a complete overhaul of Adventure Pier’s entrance and the introduction of Morey Food Hall.

For those who don’t know what a food hall is, Morey explains it as… “a sprawling collection of small independent businesses that showcase the local food and entertainment scene. Food halls offer a variety of local restaurants, food vendors, bars, entertainers, and other unique offerings in a single location, and often become a destination or attraction unto themselves.”

To showcase these new food spots, Morey’s Piers is continuing their theme of using shipping containers and food carts. This is something they have already been using for their ArtBOX project and Aloha Smoothie food truck.

According to the blueprints, in order to make this new Food Hall work, Morey’s Piers has to do some demolition.

On the Southern side of Adventure pier, the building where Kohr Brothers sit would be removed, (though it’s not known if they will be back), the two-game stands in the front would be removed and the entire area where Boat Tag is would be sold off.

This is where the story first broke because this past Tuesday a listing for Boat Tag first went online.

The listing went on to say;

“Classic early 1990’s Amusement Park High Capacity Revenue Producer. Boats made from Dorney Park molds, this attraction will rule the high seas of fun and financial profit. Available NOW at BE$T OFFER, the attraction includes 4 electric boats with charging harnesses, (boats are two passengers and have 2 guns), over 40 additional counter mount air powered guns (they shoot racquet balls, with many included), all safety netting and fencing, and a giant pool liner. The building is also available, but the entire building must be removed, no partials.”

A few days after this was posted, the ride was completely torn down.

David Barcklow was walking down the boardwalk today and sent us some photos of Adventure pier. In them, you can see the Boat Tag is almost fully removed. The only section of the ride left is the main office where you would purchase the ball to use and shoot at the tanks. The main parts of the ride are now sitting on the beach.

We reached out to Morey’s Piers last week for a comment on this story but have yet to hear from them.

Be sure to subscribe to us on Youtube at The Wildwood Video Archive, as we will be filming a video about this later on next week.

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