A Closed Mariner’s Pier 2022 – Drone Tour

There is nothing like the Wildwoods in the off-season. Many folks come down here in the summer and have no idea how much work goes into making sure their summer vacation goes off without a hitch…..this is where we come in!

A Closed Mariner's Pier 2022 - Drone Tour

A Closed Mariner’s Pier 2022 – Drone Tour

Throughout the off-season, there is a ton of construction work taking place on new projects, new buildings, and refurbishments.

The Wildwood Video Archive usually tackles the hard job of recapping all of these projects in our monthly, Wildwoods Construction Update. To watch October’s latest one, click the link below.

The Wildwoods Construction Update – Oct 2022

Some of the projects don’t make this video or get their own video since they have a very different story to tell.

A few weeks ago the WVA did a video showing what Surfside Pier looks like in the offseason. Viewers loved it so much that they asked for a closed video of Mariner’s Pier and we couldn’t say no.

Right after Columbus day comes and goes, Morey’s Piers hits the ground running to close the piers. Since Surfside and Adventure Pier close after Labor Day, Mainer’s Pier always gets closed down last.

Last week we had the opportunity to film our video showcasing the closing of Mariner’s Pier.

Since Morey’s Piers is located on a beach there is a ton more work that needs to be done in order to make sure everything will be in working condition for their Spring 2023 opening.

Harsh winters with salt air create a headache for beach-side amusement companies but this is where Morey’s Piers shine.

Many years ago, Morey’s Piers pu

A Closed Mariner's Pier 2022 - Drone Tour

A Closed Mariner’s Pier 2022 – Drone Tour

rchased Dinosaur beach, aka Hunt’s Pier, and turned it into a massive maintenance pier.

This is where they store rides, paint rides, repair rides, and more.

In the off-season, this pier is busy as they remove trains from the rollercoaster, carts from flat rides, and parts from rides into this building.

In order to get this part Morey’s has to start the takedown process. This involves removing trashcans from the piers, lowering the wave swinger, wrapping up some rides in plastic, closing off the carousel, and more.

In this video below we are going to give you a walking tour and then a drone tour of this operation.

Keep an eye out in this video for one ride that is currently being removed.

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