The Wildwoods Construction Update – Oct 2022

The offseason in the Wildwoods is officially here. The rides have stopped for the year and the sound of construction is slowly taking over the island.  As vacationers leave the island, construction and demolition projects start to rumble. 

The Wildwoods Construction Update - Oct 2022

The Wildwoods Construction Update – Oct 2022

It’s time again for our monthly Wildwoods construction update video. Last September we visited new projects, finished projects and continued projects.

To watch last month’s Wildwood Construction update, click the link below.

Wildwood Construction Update – Sept 2022

In this video we slimmed it down a bit to some new projects and updates on some of the projects we have been talking about for months.

If there is ever a project that we don’t mention, feel free to let us know on Youtube. The WVA does change the lineup of projects since some don’t show much progress on the outside. There are some projects such as the Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction, that we will be sure to include in every update.

This week we spent over 5 hours filming all over the island to bring you the latest information on all of the projects on the island.

Sit down with a bag of popcorn and some coffee (yes even at night), for our recap.

In this video, we are starting in North Wildwood and will head to Wildwood Crest.

Below is a list of the different projects we are hitting on this tour.

North Wildwood

  • Beach Erosion

  • North Shore


  • Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction

  • 38 Dwellings at Trinity

  • City Hall Remodel

  • Sinclair Gas Station

  • Starbucks

  • The Residence at Pacific

  • Family Dollar

  • The Cork-Yard Bar

  • Lu Fran Conversion to Condos

  • Windward Motel

Wildwood Crest

  • Ocean Holiday Update

  • OceanView Motel Update

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