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Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap 2022

Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap 2022

Morey’s Piers may be closed for the 2022 season but it will forever live on in all of the videos we made this past summer.

Morey's Piers Closing Day Recap 2022

Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap 2022

To end the season, Morey’s Piers does a fantastic fall festival themed to Oktoberfest. While trying to stay true to the Munich version of Oktoberfest, Morey’s Piers offers this activity starting in mid-September and sunning it to the first week of October.

For those who didn’t know, yes, Oktoberfest really doesn’t run too far into October.

To celebrate they bring in Oktoberfest bands, re-theme the piers with blue and white banners, add traditional Oktoberfest food to their menu, and lastly, include a massive list of beer.

What also made this festival a hit was the bands that would perform in front of the giant wheel. There, Morey’s added tents with televisions so that folks can enjoy some live music while eating and watching the Eagles or Phillies games.

Morey’s also added some of the activities that they used to do during their Fall Festival. That ended to make way for their Oktoberfest.

Activities for the kids include pumpkin decorating, cookie decorating, scarecrow kits, and more. Morey’s Piers did have a special running for wristbands too since they only had one pier open for the day. Morey’s Surfside and Adventure pier closed the week after Labor Day.

Some folks are unable to make it to the Wildwoods for the off-season so we decided to film what Oktoberfest is like on the boardwalk.

It just so happened that the day we filmed was the closing day for Morey’s Mainers Pier. After that day the rides won’t open until next Spring. At this time Morey’s Piers hasn’t released which day they will be opening for 2023 but we can assume it will be a week or two after Easter Weekend.

Below is our recap of Morey’s Piers’ closing day in 2022. Before you watch please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, Wildwood Video Archive. The WVA uploads two videos a week.

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