Avalon Closes Beaches, Boardwalk Nightly Due To Crowds

Today we are jumping over to our sister town of Avalon, New Jersey.

You really don’t hear Avalon in the news that much. It’s normally a quiet town with only 1,406 folks living there full time but there seems to be a problem.

Just recently Avalon’s boardwalk and beaches have experienced high vandalism to its public property. This would also include a massive amount of litter on the beach left by large groups, who are mostly made up of teens, who meet there nightly, to drink and socialize.

Avalon’s Mayor, Martin Pagliughi, is trying to stop these large meetings by creating executive order which blocks access to the beach from 9 pm and 4 am and which closes the boardwalk between 11 pm and 4 am.

Officials in Avalon believe that this increase in underage activities is caused due to a new law in New Jersey which states that police can’t ticket for certain activities such as drinking in public.

At this time the only thing a police officer is allowed to do is issue warnings.

This isn’t just a problem in Avalon but also in places like Long Beach Island who have had an increase in youth disobedience.

Tune back later for more updates on this story.

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