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Battleship New Jersey’s Journey Down the Delaware

Battleship New Jersey’s Journey Down the Delaware

On Thursday, March 21st, the Battleship New Jersey made her way from her home in Camden New Jersey down the Delaware river.

Battleship New Jersey's Journey Down the Delaware

Battleship New Jersey’s Journey Down the Delaware

Guided gracefully by tugboats, the USS New Jersey made a pit stop at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal to prepare for dry docking, a crucial step in its maintenance process.

This extensive maintenance work, anticipated to last approximately two months, is a testament to the commitment to preserving this iconic vessel.

Among the planned repairs are repainting the hull, addressing the anti-corrosion system, and conducting thorough inspections.

The final stop for the USS New Jersey will be in the Philadelphia Navy Yard in just six days.

The Wildwood Video Archive was there the entire day to film two different videos which you can watch at the bottom of this article.

The day started at 11 am as Battleship New Jersey staff and state officials such as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Congressman Donald Norcross got up to speak on this major occasion.

After Battleship New Jersey’s CEO, Marshall Spevak, finished his closing remarks, the ship’s salute gun fired off and she was underway.

Estimated as a start time of 12:10 PM, the Big J was promptly on time and was pulled by three tugboats as she made a 180-degree turn.

USS New Jersey was moved as a dead ship since she is unable to move under her own power, something that is required under all decommissioned and stricken ships.

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There was a West to East gusts up to 15 miles per hour which is why in the videos you will see the tugboats East of the ship.

By 1:10 pm, one hour after she left, she just made clearance under the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The radar was removed from the ship prior to her movement to give the battleship a snug 11 feet to get under the bridge.

The initial plan aimed for arrival at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal was between 4 and 5 pm but she arrived early around 3:30 pm.

She will be moved again on March 27th into dry dock Berth #2, which is the same dry dock she was built in back in 1940.

The Battleship New Jersey crew are offering dry dock tours on the weekends while she is getting worked on.

For more information on dry dock tours please click Here.

Below are the videos we filmed from today. In total, there are 5 videos in our Battleship New Jersey Playlists.

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