Be An Extra In A Movie In N. Wildwood!!!


[UPDATE – All the positions have been filled] 

Calling all actors and actresses!!!

Do you want to be in a movie that is being filmed here in North Wildwood?  This is your chance.

Currently, there is a full-length movie being filmed here in North Wildwood called “Good Stuff” and they are looking for anyone who wants to be an extra.

There are three dates they are filming down here and if you are interested in being an unpaid extra here are the details.


Saturday, October 9th

Call time is 7:30 am for 18+ male and female

This will be a 3 hours long shoot that will take place on the seawall.

The scene will be a funeral setting so you will have to dress in all Black.


Tuesday, October 12th

Call time is 8 AM for kids and adults

This will be a one and half hour long shoot.

The scene has you acting as though you are waiting in line to be seated. The scene takes place during the Spring/Summer so dress accordingly.


Thursday, October 14th

There are three different groups/call times

Group A films from 8 am-9:30

Group B films from 9:30-noon

Group C films from 11:30 am-1

This shoot will consist of customers sitting in a resturant. There will be close-up shots so Adult 18+ only!

The scene takes place during the Spring/Summer so dress accordingly.

If you are interested in any of these parts please reach out to . You do not need to be there for every day of filming.

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