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The Fairview Nightclub Is Demolished

The Fairview Nightclub Is Demolished

For several months we have been reporting about the changes coming to Pacific Ave.

There are currently four projects on Pacific Ave that BG Capital is working on. These properties include the former St. Ann’s School and rectory, which will become 38 dwellings, the former 2nd Street Annies, M.T. Bottles and Fairview area, which will The Residences At Pacific, the old Shamrock Beef & Ale, which will be torn down to become a parking lot and the last project, VFW 3509 building and the restaurant next door, which at this time doesn’t have an active plan.

[Yes that was a long sentence but now you see how much contraction is taking place]

Most of these projects have been put on hold due to pending CAFRA applications. CAFRA stands for Coastal Area Facility Review Act.

Construction on all of these projects had to be paused until these applications were passed by the state.

While we do not have confirmation if their applications were passed, what we do know is there have been a ton of work being done at The Residences at Pacific site.

As of yesterday, the iconic The Fairview nightclub is no more.

Photos posted in the Preserving the Wildwoods Facebook page provided by Lex Step, showcase the knocking down of The Fairview.

We visited the project a few months ago to give the film the property before it would be torn down. Check out the video below.

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