Filming Taking Place in North Wildwood 

[This is an updated article] 

The Wildwoods are not shy of Hollywood and Cameras. Over the course of the past 10 years, we have seen countless amounts of film crews down here.

Filming Taking Place in North Wildwood

Filming Taking Place in North Wildwood

To name a few, in 2016 the Indie movie, Wetlands, filmed here, Beachfront Bargain Hunt have filmed here a few times, Hotel Impossible was here in 2019 and this past July QVC was filmed here.

It turns out that once again there is filming taking place here in the Wildwoods.

One of our viewers, David P, spotted a camera crew on 16th and Surf. They were filming for a day outside the Surf 16 motel.

A few props and set decorations have been placed around the motel including benches, an old truck, and a temporary motel sign for the “Wild Rice Motel.”

After doing some digging we were finally able to figure out what is being filmed here. The full-length movie,“Good Stuff,” is being filmed all over North Wildwood.

Over the course of the past seven days, they have been seen filming on the Anglesea Seawall, Samuel’s Pancake House, and more. 

Last weekend we posted that they were looking for extras for their movie but at this time they no longer need anymore.

Be sure to tune in later for more updates on this project.

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