Mack’s Pizza 2021 Closing Day Announced

It’s October and the days are getting short with the nights are getting colder.

The Wildwood shoulder season is starting to come to a close with Morey’s piers last weekend coming up. For more details on Morey’s Piers Oktoberfest click the link below.

Morey’s Piers Ceremonial Keg-Tapping At Oktoberfest

It was a crazy summer for Wildwood Boardwalk pizza since the Pizza King himself, Dave Portnoy stopped by and rated Mack’s, Sam’s, Steak ‘Em Up and more.

Dave Portnoy Comes To Wildwood And Rates Sam’s Pizza And Mack’s Pizza

Now that we are starting to close up for the year Mack’s Pizza announced their 2021 closing date.

Mack’s Pizza On Wildwood Ave is open weekends until Columbus day (Monday, October 11th).

Mack’s Pizza On Roberts Ave is already closed for the year.

Check out more closing dates by clicking the click below.

Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2021 + More