Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2021 + More

For the past few days, we have been receiving a ton of questions in regards to what the closing dates were for things in Wildwood. We decided to take the time to find out when things start to slow down for the off-season.

If you don’t see your favorite place on our list then give them a call!

Now let’s get into some closing dates.

The Tram Car: 

  • Labor Day Monday – CLOSED

Rides and Attractions

Water Parks

  • Morey’s Raging Waters – CLOSED

  • Morey’s Ocean Oasis – CLOSED

  • Splash Zone – CLOSED


For Full Hours Check Out Morey’s Piers Website

  • Mariner’s Pier – Sunday, October 10th

  • Surfside Pier – CLOSED

  • Adventure Pier – CLOSED

  • [NOTE: Hours and Dates can change]


The Restaurants and Stores on the Boardwalk:

  • Mack’s Pizza On Wildwood Ave is open weekends until Columbus day (Monday, October 11th).

  • Mack’s Pizza On Roberts Ave is CLOSED

  • Sam’s Pizza – (Oct 244th)

  • Pigdog Beach Bar – Sunday, October 3rd

  • Curley’s Fries Surfside – Sunday, October 3rd

  • Little Nicky’s – Second weekend in October


Off The Boardwalk:

  • Cool Scoops Ice Cream – October 16th

  • The Ravioli House – Sunday, October 16th

  • The Boathouse – Weekends for dinner until October 16th

  • The Wharf – Last Weekend of Sept

  • Pompeo’s – Weekends in October

  • Maui’s Dog House – CLOSED

  • Russo’s Market – CLOSED

  • Hassles – CLOSED

  • Bandanas – CLOSED

  • Duffer’s Restaurant & Homemade Ice Cream Parlour – CLOSED

  • Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant – CLOSED

  • Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille – CLOSED

  • Britton’s Gourmet Bakery – CLOSED

  • Barry’s Buns – CLOSED


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