Cape May To Get New Firehouse

It was the fall of 2016 when it was announced that Cape May was going to get a new firehouse.

Cape May’s current firehouse, located at 712 Franklin Street, was built in the 70s and has become outdated and unsuited for the day-to-day operations of the fire department.

At the time the city had hired RCA, Robbie Conley Architect, to design the new firehouse with a budget of 4.4 Million

RCA is very well known in New Jersey as the go-to firm for designing emergency service buildings. With over 60+ built fire/police/ambulance houses built, they were more than qualified.

The delay in the project was brought on by a few things. One was a change in the plans in 2017 which could have seen all of Cape May’s emergency services brought under one roof. This plan was rejected after the final price of the project surpassed $20 Million.

Another delay was the pandemic. Not only did it cause a delay but also raised the price of the firehouse from 4.4 Million to over $5 Million.

When the final design was finally approved by the city, Historic Preservation Commission, and the public, the city put out a notice for bidders.

First posted in July all the prospective bidders were rejected in early September.

By late September the city finally found a winner in Duall Building Restoration Inc.

Cape May’s timeline of the construction shows demolition starting this October and the firehouse in operation by next winter.

The footprint of the building will be taking a similar footprint of the current fire station.

Tune back later for more details.

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