Replace The Maelstrom With This?

This is an opinion article and isn’t officiated with Morey’s Piers.

The Maelstrom was a technology-driven ride that sat on the back of Morey’s Mariner’s Pier.

Replace The Maelstrom With This?

Replace The Maelstrom With This?

It was a Spin-Out model built by UK manufacturer Tivoli in conjunction with KMG and only 5 were ever produced. It was unique since it used a computer to operate the entire ride.

Summer 2018 came and went and without warning that the Maelstrom would be heading out the door.

That April the Maelstrom was found to be sitting on the beach next to the pier. It was the first time since 2000 that the ride was moved.

We were able to tour this ride while it sat on the beach. You can check out that video by clicking the click below.

Morey’s Maelstrom Is No More!

With this unexpected departure, many people were stunned but also excited to see what new ride would be coming in its place.

Historically Morey’s replaced a ride with a similar ride type but when summer 2019 rolled around all that was in its former location was a basketball game.

Many people were told that we could see a ride coming two years from 2019 but nothing has presented itself.

Morey’s always takes their time with decision making so that they know they will have a safe and winning ride.

A few Wildwood/ Morey fanatics had some ideas of rides that could go in its place.

The first one we would love to showcase is the Tivoli Remix II 4 Arm.

Since Morey’s has a history with Zamperla, maybe they could consider the Blendez. It rotates of 3 different axes. (suggested by our friend and Edward Green)

Once again, these are only suggestions. What would you like to see there?

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