Morey’s Maelstrom Is No More!

About a few months ago we started dropping hints that Morey’s Piers Maelstrom, which was located on Mariner’s Landing, was going to be removed.

You can check out these videos by clicking one of the links below.

A Change Coming To Mariners Landing?

Something Is Missing From Mariners Landing

One of the biggest hints to us that the Maelstrom was being removed was seeing it removed from the list of rides on Morey’s Piers website.

On Monday we went ahead and took a walk on the beach and stumbled upon the Maelstrom sitting on the beach. (Video at the bottom of the page)

The Maelstrom was introduced on Morey’s Piers back in the year 2000. This was the same year that the RC-48 Coaster and the Moby Dick were debuted.

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Below is the video of the Maelstrom on the beach and drone footage of what Mariner’s Landing looks like today.

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