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Little Nicky’s And Pompeos SOLD

Exploring Little Nicky's And Pompeos

Exploring Little Nicky’s And Pompeos

Little Nicky’s And Pompeos SOLD

There has been many changes so far this off-season here in the Wildwoods.

About four months ago we announced that the two restaurants, Little Nickys and Pompeos located at 16th and the Boardwalk. You can check out that article by clicking the link below.

Little Nickys And Pompeos For Sale

For those who don’t know, those two properties, including the apartment above, were owned by one family. The owners wanted to retire considering they had been working these stores since they opened in 1976.

Today we just received word that the two properties and apartment SOLD for $1,637,500. We are were told that Little Nickys won’t be going anywhere.

The new owners plan to keep Little Nickys open this summer. No word yet on Pompeos.

We went ahead and did a quick tour of the property for you to check out.

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