Wildwood's Famous Rides - Morey's RC-48

Wildwood’s Famous Rides – Morey’s RC-48

Wildwood’s Famous Rides – Morey’s RC-48

Hey everyone! This is Joey from The Wildwood Video Archive.  I want to welcome you to our second episode of “Wildwood’s Famous Rides.”

For those who don’t know, this is the series that looks at the history of some of Wildwood’s famous rides and explain what happened to them.

On this episode of “Wildwood’s Famous Rides,” you as our fans suggested Morey’s Piers RC-48.

If you want to see the first episode of “Wildwood’s Famous Rides – The Flitzer” click the link below. 

The History of Morey’s Piers Flitzer

For a quick summary, the RC-48 coaster was located on Morey’s Surfside pier from 2000-2004.

Below is the full video with all the juicy details!

If you have a suggestion for a ride to cover please comment on our YouTube video!

Thank you to Sam Shurgott for the awesome photos!


Photos and videos by 

Sam Shurgott

Tom Rekell

Mark Russo

Wildwood Historical Society

Johnny Cantalio

Rachel Troth

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