Transfer of Liquor License To Coco’s Ocean Bay Club

Reading the public notices sometimes turns up some old history in the Wildwoods.

Posted in the New Jersey public notices yesterday was an application for a transfer of a Liquor License.

The notice says that an “application has been made to the City of North Wildwood by COCO’S OCEAN BAY CLUB, LLC, holder of Plenary Retail Consumption License, No. 0507-33-011-010, a pocket license with no sited premises, to transfer that license to premises located at 510-610 New York Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ 08260.”

Transfer of Liquor License To Coco’s Ocean Bay Club

Transfer of Liquor License To Coco’s Ocean Bay Club

This was something that really jumped out at me as I haven’t heard of Coco Ocean Bay Club before nor have I heard of any bars were closing.

Normally when you see a transfer of a liquor license you would also see a sale of a business. This transfer is a “pocket license.” A pocket license is a liquor license that doesn’t have an active site or establishment.

In researching the Plenary Retail Consumption License, No. 0507-33-011-010, we find that this license belonged to Orange Shark, LLC located at 206 N New Jersey Ave. That location was once the home to Banana Jack Murphys.

According to Jersey Bites, this was a burger and shake place that also served alcoholic milk-sakes. Does this place ring a bell to you?

Now that we know where the pocket license came from let’s talk about where it’s going.

The application named 510-610 New York Avenue, aka the location for Coco’s Ocean Bay Club.

This LLC was created in April 2021 which was at the same time that we broke the news about a massive project taking place on the back bays of North Wildwood at the Beach Creek Marina.

For those who don’t know, the owners of the Beach Creek Marina are in the process of redeveloping the land.

We broke this story back in March 2021. You can watch the video and read the full details in the link below or at the video at the bottom of this page.

N. Wildwood’s NEW High Rise, Ocean Bay Spires + More

The short end of the story is that Beach Creek Marina are overhauling the Marina Bay Towers, renovating The Boathouse and Marina, building a Marina Lighthouse/Guard House, building an Ocean Bay Marina Club and Restaurant, and constructing a 12 story high building called The Ocean Bay Spires.

Since this liquor license transfer is going to this property one would assume that it’s for the new restaurant and/or club, Coco’s Ocean Bay Club.

Construction is underway on this project which you can see in our cover photo. (the building next to the boathouse is being built.

What do you think about this project?

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