Morey’s Piers Closing Day 2021 – Tour

This was one of the strangest Summers we have seen on record. With covid still in the background, Morey’s Piers didn’t open at their regular Easter weekend. Instead, they decided to open up on May 8th.

This summer definitely brought more challenges to not only Morey’s Piers but also most of the country. Morey’s had to weather not only being able to hire International students but also a nationwide shortage of folks who didn’t want to return to work.

Morey’s, who always runs a top-notch business, somehow made this summer Unforgettable even with the staff shortage. While there were days where some rides were closed, that never took away from the fun we had this summer.

Since this weekend was their 2021 season ‘finale’ we figured we would stop by and do one last tour for you guys. Their Oktoberfest has become a big event down here and even in the rain people still showed up for some “Biers of the Piers.”

Do yourself a big favor and circle December on your calendar. This is when Morey’s Piers has their massive winter sale. They do discounts on season passes, ticket cards, waterpark passes, and more.

They also have a spring sale but the savings aren’t as good.

At this time Morey’s Piers have not announced when they plan to open for the 2022 summer season. For the past two years, they haven’t opened Easter weekend so it’s safe to assume that next year they may not open Easter weekend again.

Be sure to stay tuned to us as we will update you throughout the year. Check out our Morey’s Piers closing day tour video below.

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