ICONA to Build 7-Story Hotel At Former Beach Theatre

ICONA has been slowly becoming a household name down here in Cape May County. What had started as a single hotel project in Diamond Beach has not become a multi-million dollar corporation that owns multiple hotels/motels, developing a few more, and has a stake in the amusement business in Ocean City.

They not only purchased new properties but also reimagine their buildings every X amount of years to keep them up-to-date. Their white-glove service is slowly becoming the industry standard for hotels/motels in our area.

ICONA to Build 7-Story Hotel At Former Beach Theatre

ICONA to Build 7-Story Hotel At Former Beach Theatre

Back in November 2019, we announced on the Wildwood Video Archive that ICONA had purchased the old Beach Theater in Cape May for $6.6 million dollars.

We gave you a tour video that you can check out by clicking the link below.

Beach Theater SOLD (Video)

There have been many rumors on what would be going in this location but at the time ICONA didn’t have a blueprint on what would be going there.

This past week they announced their brand new project taking place in Cape May. During a Cape May City Council on Tuesday, Developer Eustice Mita gave the city their first look at what they want to propose to the Planning and Zoning Board plus Historic Preservation Commission.

The project calls for a $100 million 168-room hotel that would look like hotels that were built back in the early 1900s.

DAS Architects, which are located in Philadelphia, designed the building to look grand and have restaurants, shops, cafés and include a massive ballroom.

During that meeting, DAS Architects showed us a photo of what the hotel will look like.

Mita plans to bring the proposed designs to the Planning and Zoning Board within the next 60 days.

This is a project that will take a while to be built with how grand it would be. When asked when could we see a start date on construction or a potential ending date, we didn’t receive a response back. (will be sure to update once we do).

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