N. Wildwood’s NEW High Rise, Ocean Bay Spires + More

Just about a week ago we announced that a new 12 story high-rise building was being proposed in North Wildwood.

If you want to read that original article click the link below.

MASSIVE High-Rise Building Proposed In North Wildwood

We have been getting tons of questions about this story and a ton of rumors are being spread.

Since this project will be discussed this Wednesday, April 21st at 6:30pm at City Hall [which you can physically attend], I figured that I should run over to city hall and to get a full understanding of it to report on what’s going on.

This project is unlike anything ever seen, not only in the Wildwoods but in the entire Cape May County.

We ran over to City Hall to look at the Blue Prints so that we could record a video and explain to you what this project will be like. The video will be posted at the bottom of this article

Let me run you through the cliff notes.

The project is made up of two phases.

Phase one includes the Marina Bay Towers, the Boathouse and Marina, the Marina Lighthouse/Guard House and The Ocean Bay Marina Club and Restaurant.

Phase two includes the 12 story high-rise, The Ocean Bay Spires.

  • Marina Bay Towers will be getting an overhaul and an additional split 8th floor. The building will go from 142 units to 166. 105 of those units will be for lower-income seniors.

  • The Boathouse and Marina will be renovated

  • Marina Lighthouse/Guard House will be a 6 story building with boat rental/retail store and 4 two-bedroom apartments. It will also showcase a 86 foot all roof sculpture that reads “North Wildwood Marina”

  • Ocean Bay Marina Club and Restaurant will be a 4 story restaurant/ lounge area/event room and Pool. The first two stories will be a restaurant for a capacity of 333 seats. Floor 3 will be the lounge area/game area/event space. Floor 4 will be the pool and bar area. This floor will also connection to the Ocean Bay Spires.

  • The Ocean Bay Spires will be a 12 story high building [12th floor split] which will have 144 units. The spires come from the two spires [Northern at 240 ft – Southern at 230 ft]. The first 5 levels of the building will be parking for 256 cars. [The building only needs 197 so 59 spaces will be left over]. Level 6 will be a fitness and brines center with level 7 being the first floor for residents.


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