How Tall Are N. Wildwood’s Sand Piles?

If you have been to the North Wildwood beaches over the past two months, you would have noticed something really BIG blocking your ocean view.

How Tall Are N. Wildwood’s Sand Piles?

How Tall Are N. Wildwood’s Sand Piles?

These massive mountains of sand are only temporarily there but they leave many people wondering, “how tall are those?”

Let’s just back up a minute and talk about what they are first.

For several years North Wildwood has been fighting Mother Nature to protect the houses along John F Kennedy Boulevard.

In just the past two years the city has built new bulkheads and replenished the beach twice to prevent such damage.

Luckily for us North Wildwood Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, fought hard for that bulkhead because if it wasn’t for that, last year’s storms would have caused millions of dollars in damage.

One of the biggest ways the city helps to stop erosion, and for us to have some awesome beaches to relax on, is by replenishing them.

There are two way of doing this. One is by dredging the inlet and another is by taking the sand from somewhere else on the island and moving it.

A long time ago New Jersey’s DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), said that we can no longer dredge the inlet to replenish our beaches. Instead the city takes the sand from Wildwood Beaches and brings them North.

In a way we are just returning the sand that was pulled down the coast line thanks to erosion.

As you may guess this takes a long time to move so much sand. It has to be done over several months and in stages.

Stage one is digging up the first feet of sand in Wildwood and filling trucks that will driving the sand North.

Once North the sand is places into sand piles. These mountains of sand will sit here until the stormy seasons are over.

Stage two is then pushing the sand East and raising the beach line and making the beach bigger.

We do have a video showing how they do that from 2020. If you want to watch that click the link below or check out the video at the bottom.

How North Wildwood Rebuilt Their Beaches

Now on to how tall these sand mountains are.

Yesterday we took the drone out to measure out the heights.

Keep in mind that they all have different heights but we wanted to know how tall the biggest sand pile was.

For this we went over to 15th and the beach.

To get the height we had the drone lock in at street level. After the height was confirmed at zero we sent it to the top of the pile and landed it.

Due to my drone being in meters it showed that the top of the pile was at 19 meters, which is about 62 feet tall.

Just for fun we measured the height from beach level and it messaged at 22 meters, which is 72 feet.

Bottom line is this. Don’t climb those sand piles. It is extremely dangerous and you could get hurt.

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