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Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

It’s been a busy month of construction and demolition down here in the Wildwoods.

Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

The next time you come down here, via the George Redding Bridge, you might take notice that the entire North Side of the street up to Park Boulevard is having some kind of work done to it.

Some of those projects include Backfin Blues becoming Santorini Restaurant and the old lots from the old Tom Cat restaurant to just before Bob’s Auto Body has been torn down.

We answer what’s going at the old Tom Cat restaurant in the link below.

Answering What’s Going Across From Wildwood’s Wawa

One project we broke last year was the Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood.

It’s more than just a gas station. Sinclair Gas has a retro aspect dating back to the early 1900s. During the 1950s and 60s they made day trips extra fun with their fun green dinosaur. Parents would get gas there because their kids closed to look at the Dino.

This new renovation will bring 6 gas pumps, a building with possible (3) store fronts, plenty of parking and to finish it off the retro green dino, green gas pump and a retro sign.

[Check out the video at the bottom of the article for the blueprints]

Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

Goodbye Riggins, Hello Sinclair!

About two weeks ago crews came on-site to start knocking down the old structures to get the land ready.

We drove by yesterday to see that the land has been mostly cleared!

If everything goes as planned they could have an opening by Memorial Day Weekend!

Check out the video below!

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