Answering What’s Going Across From Wildwood’s Wawa

Answering What's Going Across From Wildwood's Wawa

Answering What’s Going Across From Wildwood’s Wawa

Now that Spring is finally here folks are starting to make their way down the shore to get their houses ready.

As people are driving on to the island via the George Redding bridge, they are hit with a large plot of land.

This plot of land is located just East of the new pump house and take up almost the entire block.

These lots used to consist of a mini-golf place, the Tom Cat restaurant, an Auto Repair shop and a few houses.

In year’s passing these lots were purchased by one owner/company and the buildings torn down.

Recently contraction trucks, pipes and shipping containers have made the land home temporarily.

This has people speculating on what is going to be built on it’s location. With a lot size that big, people’s imagination have been running rampant.

In the video below we try answer this rumor and talk about other projects such as the NEW Sinclair Gas Station and what is happening to the land that Popeye’s was supposed to build on.

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