Explaining N. Wildwood’s NEW “Dogs On The Beach” Rule

Yesterday we were flooded with questions about the new rule in North Wildwood where dogs would be allowed on the beaches.

Explaining N. Wildwood’s NEW “Dogs On The Beach” Rule

Explaining N. Wildwood’s NEW “Dogs On The Beach” Rule

The news came out via an article posted by the Cape May Herald.

For the most part folks only read the titles of articles without actually reading the article. This was definitely the case with the Herald article.

We were bombarded with people messaging us with frustration as they did not want to see dogs on the beaches while they were visiting. Many folks were upset that they could be attacked by dogs while enjoying a beach day.

This new regulation is only for a certain of day where not too many people are on the beach.

Let’s go into the details.

Mayor Patrick Rosenello said that many people used to complain about seeing dogs on the beach in the early mornings and late hours. These complains would then be relayed to the police department who would then need to go and investigate.

As Rosenello said in the Herald, “It’s really hard to justify not allowing somebody to walk their dog on a deserted beach at 6 a.m.”  

Rosenello has now made it a rule that folks can walk their dogs on the beach, with a leash, outside of the beach hours of 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

This would mean that you can walk your dog, via leash, from dawn to 9:30am and from 5:30pm-10PM (as that’s what time the beach closes).

Keep in mind that the ‘pick up the poo’ rule still applies so be sure to pick up after your dog.

For those looking to take their dog to the beach can visit the Wildwood Dog Park and Beach at Glenwood Ave.

[Cover Photo by Chloe Elmer]

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