Why N. Wildwood’s Beach Sidewalks Are CLOSED

This past weekend we have been getting tons of questions about what’s going on with the sidewalks being closed in North Wildwood.

Why N. Wildwood’s Beach Sidewalks Are CLOSED

Why N. Wildwood’s Beach Sidewalks Are CLOSED

Those who have been in the area lately have noticed that crowd control barricades have been placed on the sidewalks from 2nd Ave until 5th Ave in North Wildwood right on the sidewalks nearest to the beach.

These crowd control barricades are roughly about 8.5 long and 3.5 tall and interlock. It’s the kind of barricade you would see when you go visit a parade in center city.

The barricades were installed recently right on the curb which makes the entire sidewalk off-limits and forces people to walk in the street. The city has gone ahead and placed large signs on these barricades stating that the sidewalks are closed, but why?

While people have sent us messages of frustration about these barricades there is actually a really good reason why they are there.

Keep in mind that the city does everything in their power to keep us safe. There are many different projects taking place on the beach right now to help address some of these issues.

In the video at the bottom we go into great detail on why these barricades are here and for how long we will be seeing them.

The short answer is there is undermining taking place which could cause for a dangerous situation…..If you have no idea what that means, because I didn’t a first, then turn to the video below!

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