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38 Units Are Coming To Old Cape Trinity Block

38 Units Are Coming To Old Cape Trinity Block

The City of Wildwood will be gaining 38 new units.

38 Units Are Coming To Old Cape Trinity Block

38 Units Are Coming To Old Cape Trinity Block

If we haven’t said it enough, this is the most construction we have seen on the island since 2006.

A while back we announced that Cape Trinity and St. Ann’s old rectory would be sold to redeveloper BG Capital. If you want to read that announcement click the link below.

BG Capital Purchases St. Ann Rectory & School

In November BG knocked down the St. Ann’s rectory and demolition to knock down the school starts the week after. The project had stopped after the state told BG that they needed to file a CAFRA report. 

This wasn’t the only BG project that required a CAFRA report. Their property at Schellenger and pacific avenues, aka the Residences on Pacific, was also delayed. Demolition on this project finally took place a few weeks back (you can check out the demolition video at the bottom of this article). 

According to a public notice that was published back in February, 38 units will be built on this lot.

The application went on to say;

100 Magnolia Ave, LLC (the “Applicant”), has generally made application to the City of Wildwood Planning/Zoning Board (the “Board”) for property commonly known as 100-110 E. Magnolia Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey and also known as Lot 1 in Block 226 on the Tax and Assessment Map of the City of Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey (the “Property”) in order to demolish the two existing structures and then develop a residential resort consisting of 38 dwelling units, management office, amenities, storage and recreational space.”

This project was approved at the March 1st meeting pending the CAFRA approval. (which was approved in October 2021)


This is the first time a full block had been rebuilt since the First United Methodist Church, located at 6700 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood Crest, in 2017.


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