Mark I Motel Going Condotel – Wildwood Crest

Back in February 2021, we announced that the Mark 1 motel in Wildwood Crest had sold. The Mark 1 Motel, which is located at 417 E Atlanta Ave, had sold for $1.4 Million. This number was under the original price of $2,999,900.

We had visited the property a few times due to the construction taking place next door. This one block has seen a complete transformation.

Mark I Motel Going Condotel - Wildwood Crest

Mark I Motel Going Condotel – Wildwood Crest

It all started when the Lampliter Oceanside Motel got the green light to be demolished. This motel sat right next to the Mark 1 Mote. In the end after the demolition of the Lampliter Oceanside Motel, the land was put up for sale.

Many thought that the Mark 1 would have the same fate. Prior to the demolition of the Lampliter Oceanside Motel, new windows would be installed at the Mark 1. This renovation was just enough to give folks hope that it would continue to stay around.

Now there is good news and bad news. The good news is that yes, the building is not getting torn down. The bad news is that it doesn’t look that it will be a motel anymore.

Back in October we noticed that the Mark 1 signs, the roof sign and wall sign, had been removed and placed by the pool.

Since their permits showed that they would be doing work to the physical building. Putting them by the pool as storage until the work was done work makes sense.

In a listing posted on, we finally find the fate of the motel. According to said listing, the building has become “Beachblock year round condotels.”

Condotels is a motel that turns condominium.

Currently, the listings has 5 units for sale sitting at $175,000 – $220,000 per unit.

Interestingly the preview photos show what the motel looked like prior to the construction. There was one photo showing what the final project will look like. (Photo at the top of the page).

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