First Look At Wildwood’s NEW Hotel

We have some exciting things to share with you today!

As you know, there are a ton of construction projects taking place throughout the entire island. From new restaurants to new hotels, this is the most moving in the off-season we have seen since 2006.

If you want to see a full recap of all the new construction projects click the link below.

Wildwood Construction Projects – Jan 2021

One of those projects we talk about in the video is the new Choice Hotel that is coming to the Wildwoods.

First Look At Wildwood’s NEW Hotel

First Look At Wildwood’s NEW Hotel

Back in April of 2019, the Stardust nightclub had sold with its sister property, Colleens, selling not too far after it.

It wasn’t until this past January we found out what was going in its place…a new Choice Hotel.

According to a Planning/Zoning Board application submitted to the city of Wildwood, the permit filed calls for the construction of a hotel building containing 96 hotel room units.

While the application didn’t go into great detail we could learn a few things here. The Stardust

The nightclub and Colleen both would have to be demolished in order to make room for the new motel.

Now we can finally answer some of the questions we have been having about the project.

Just this week we obtained the blueprints and mockups of what the new Choice hotel will look like. (See below).

We can now confirm that the Choice hotel we are getting is a Comfort Inn & Suites.

The 96 hotel room units will start in the Stardust lot and stop halfway through the current lot where Colleens is. The building that sits on Lincoln Ave will become parking. The building will be built up a floor off the ground to allow parking for 40+ cars (bringing the total of spots to 80+)

The building color’s will keep in line with the Comfort Inn brand which is yellow and burgundy.

There is no word on when the project will start but when it does we will be right there covering it for you!

Below are the mockups of the Wildwood Comfort Inn & Suites.

First Look At Wildwood’s NEW Hotel

First Look At Wildwood’s NEW Hotel

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