Santucci’s Is Coming To The Wildwoods in 2022

One question we have been getting this past year was, where is Santucci’s?

Santucci’s Is Coming To The Wildwoods in 2022

Santucci’s Is Coming To The Wildwoods in 2022

For those who don’t know, Santucci’s Original Square Pizza, or Santucci’s for short, is a Philadelphia pizza shop that opened in 1959. Their pizza is very unique as they were one of the first places to put the sauce on top of the cheese.

Since their first store opened they have expanded to five (5) locations from Philly to Ocean City.

In early 2020 it was announced that Santucci’s would be opening a location on the Wildwood boardwalk. Located at 20th street it was going to open in early summer but unfortunately covid had other plans.

Since then we really hadn’t heard much about the pizza spot until this past weekend.

It was announce via Facebook that Santucci’s will finally be coming to the Wildwoods but not at the 20th street location or in 2021

Their website doesn’t like a new location but they do say that they will not be opening for 2021.

They go on to say that “2022 is the year, we have a lot of construction work to get done and won’t be open in time for this season. We plan to be open this time next year.”

We can’t wait to add them to our pizza tour!

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