New In The Wildwoods

With every new season in the Wildwoods it brings us some new places to check out. From desserts to dining we decided to put together a ‘go-to’ list of new places to check out on your vacation. This list will also include places that had remodeling done.

Just one small note. At this time with the New Jersey restrictions in place some of these places may not be open for the season yet. Stay tuned to our page for updates on when restaurants can open fully.

North Wildwood :

  1. Little Nicky’s – For the first time in many years Little Nicky’s, which is located at 16th and the Boardwalk, will be open for the season with a new owner and a new menu.  (Click Here for a Separate article on Little Nicky’s opening)
  2. Santucci’s Original Square Pizza – There is a another new pizza spot opening on the Wildwood boardwalk at 20th street. Santucci’s is a popular Philadelphia known pizzeria. They haven’t started construction yet but hope to be open in early summer.
  3. Five Girls Sandwich Shop – Five Girls Sandwich Shop is taking over the location of Blitz Market at 2010 New Jersey Ave (20th and NJ aves). They haven’t opened to the public yet but had made food for 1st responders. (Click Here for a Separate article on Five Girls Sandwich Shop)
  4. Shore Delights – Located at 20th and the Boardwalk (took over the former Ken and Mary’s)


  1. Coastal Prime – Located at 3001 Pacific Ave, (the former location of Mia’s), this is a seafood streakhouse. (Click Here for a Separate article on Coastal Prime)
  2. For those asking what happened to Mia, she is opening two new restaurants in Cape May. There info is below.
    1. PrawnA new seafood restaurant located at 409 Elmira Street in Cape May (Click Here for a Separate article on Prawn)
    2. Primal – A new seafood steakhouse located at 406 Beach Ave in Cape May  (Click Here for a Separate article on Primal)
  3. Quincy’s Original Lobster Rolls – Located at 3000 Boardwalk. This is between It’s Sugar and Kohr’s Brothers and is across from the Dog Park. (Click Here for a Separate article on Quincy’s Original Lobster Rolls)
  4. The Deck – Located at 3401 Pacific Ave. They remodeled their top desk to enclose it.
  5. The Wharf – Located at 708 W Burk Ave – the remodeled their main dining room
  6. Playa Bowls – A new dessert place located in the Boardwalk Mall (Click Here for a Separate article on Playa Bowls)
  7. The Chillin Pineapple – A new dessert place located in the Boardwalk Mall (Click Here for a Separate article on The Chillin Pineapple)
  8. Capt’n Jacks – Second Location – Capt’n Jacks opens added a second location on the top floor of the Boardwalk Mall. (Click Here for a Separate article on Capt’n Jacks)

Wildwood Crest:

  1. The Doo Wop Drive-In – Located at 6200 New Jersey Ave, this is the NEW location of the Doo-Wop Coffee Shoppe. It’s bigger and better offering so much more! (Click Here for a Separate article on The Doo Wop Drive-In)
  2. A Little Cafe: Located at 8700 New Jersey Avenue, this is a new spot selling serving Breakfast, Lunch, Baked goods and coffee. (Click Here for a Separate article on A Little Cafe)
  3. Suncrest Market – Located at 8507 New Jersey Ave is under new management with a store redesign
  4. Aurora Blue Cafe – Located at the Tangiers Motel (The old Doo-Wop Coffee Shoppe)

Tune back later for new updates on these locations and more!

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