North Wildwood Mayor On Memorial Day Weekend

North Wildwood Mayor On Memorial Day Weekend

North Wildwood Mayor On Memorial Day Weekend

North Wildwood Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, took to facebook to talk about what we can expect on Memorial Day Weekend in North Wildwood. Below is his post.

“On Memorial Day WeekendIt has been another interesting few weeks here in North Wildwood. Here are a few updates as we get close to Memorial Day Weekend.

1. BEACH REPLENISHMENT: Due to the near complete destruction of the dune system between 7th-13th Avenues, this year we undertook the largest sand back-pass project we have ever done. To date, we have moved approximately 300,000 cubic yards of sand. That is over 1 Billion Pounds of sand! You have probably seen the large stockpiles on the beach. These stockpiles were supposed to be pushed out to form the beach this week. However, mother nature had a different plan. Due to the proximity of a Tropical Storm, high winds and large waves have played havoc with our schedule. Once the waves subside we will resume pushing the sand out. However, please note that the beach between 2nd-23rd Avenues will still be under construction over Memorial Day Weekend. If you plan to be on the beach this weekend please follow all signs and directions from Police and Lifeguards.

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING: Regardless of any other allowances, the Governor still has an order in place that prohibits gatherings of anyone other than immediate family members, etc. Please note that the North Wildwood PD will be focusing on dispersing large groups this coming weekend.

3. FOOD TAKEOUT ISSUES: The Governor still has a ban in place that prohibits on-premise dining or alcohol consumption at restaurants. However, the Governor also signed into law on Friday the ability of every bar and restaurant in New Jersey to sell alcohol in to go cups. So, we have a situation where we have lost the ability to seat thousands of people in restaurants but they are still getting take out food and alcohol to go. As one could imagine, this has created a unique set of challenges.

* First, with restaurants being closed for on-premise dining, 100% of their trash is now going into the City trash stream. People are getting to go food and finding the closest bench, table, curb, car bumper, etc. and enjoying their meals! This has created several unique challenges, and trash is one of them. The City trash system was not designed to handle all of the trash generated in every restaurant in town, but that is where we find ourselves. I am requesting that any property owner in North Wildwood make use of our recycling center and bring your trash to us. We understand that when people are at the shore they want to dine outdoors and we do not want to discourage this. However, due to our new set of circumstances we need the public to help us manage this situation.

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* Second, several restaurants have told me and posted online that their ability to serve their customers is severely limited when they are only engaged in take out. As the owner of the Surfing Pig posted on his facebook page, the Governors orders have reduced the points of sale at a restaurant from a dozen or more servers and bartenders to one location at the front door. This creates bottle necks that dramatically reduce the ability to get food out. In addition, the restriction to take out only has dramatically narrowed the window of time when people are placing their orders and it is overwhelming kitchens. So, customers should expect long waits and the real possibility that you will not be able to get food from restaurants. And, with the restaurant capacity reduced our super markets are going to be strained as well so I would encourage you to plan accordingly.

* Third, the new alcohol to-go law is an effort by the Governor to ease some of the financial strain on restaurants and he should be applauded for this effort. However, as one can imagine, when customers pick up their to-go cups, many are not waiting until they get home to consume them. In an effort to head off what would be an enforcement nightmare, North Wildwood has designated certain areas in Commercial Districts where the consumption of alcohol will be allowed until the public health emergency is over. This consumption is only permitted in those areas and absolutely no gatherings of non-household or family members is permitted.”

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