The Beach Hugger to Become Condos

About a month ago we brought you the news that the motel, The Beach Hugger, located at 210 Ocean Ave in North Wildwood, sold for one and a half millions dollars (1.5 Million).  (Click Here to Read The Article)

This past week many of the folks who stayed at The Beach Hugger for their summer trips got letters in the mail by the past owner. To sum it up, the letter stated that The Beach Hugger had been sold but will not open up as a motel next summer. The new owners, “2 St Beach Hugger LLC,” plan to make the entire building condos for sale not for rent.

As this saddens us to hear that we are losing a North Wildwood Motel, we are happy to hear that as of right now there doesn’t seem to be plans to knock it down for condos but rather convert the current building.

Tune back in as we will try to get as many update as possible.


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