To Recap…During the second week of August this past summer, a boat was grounded at Diamond Beach after it’s owner suffered a heart attack. The owner’s family knew that the Coast Guard wouldn’t get to them in time so they decided a beach landing was the best they could do. (CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF THE BEACHED BOAT)  

Later on that day the boat, named “The Whale,” was moved from the ocean’s edge to the back of Diamond Beach so that it wouldn’t get pushed out to sea. It sat at the back of Diamond Beach for several months. [We were able to take a tour of the boat] (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO).

Here is an update to this story. 

“The Whale,” was moved from her spot at Diamond Beach about 3.35 miles north and is currently sitting at the back of old Dinosaur Beach (or Hunt’s Pier depending on your age). She was picked up by a crawler crane and carried down the beach. 

Here is a video obtained by our friend Deb Moore of where the ship sits now.

There is no confirmation on what it’s purpose is going to be….

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