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Big Blue Sightseer Found In Chicago

Big Blue Sightseer Found In Chicago

Last September 2020 was a hard time for the Wildwoods because we lost a boat legend. The Big Blue Sightseer had been an icon of the island for 42 years.

On a Facebook post they posted in September they said;

Big Blue Sightseer Found In Chicago

Big Blue Sightseer Found In Chicago

“Captain Schumann and the Crew of the Big Blue Sightseer would like to thank all of you for your support over the past 42 seasons (67 in total, counting the time that Captain Otto Stocker was at the helm). Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Big Blue Sightseer is now just another Wildwood memory. We will never forget all the smiling faces of the happy families that visited us throughout the years, as well as the good people of Cape May County who always had nice things to say about us.“

At that time there was no information on where the Big Blue Sightseer was moving to. Photos had surfaced online of the ship in upstate New York but after that things went quiet.

Today we are happy to learn that the Big Blue Sightseer is still with us but now lives in Chicago.

The Big Blue Sightseer is now known as just the Sightseer and runs Booze Cruises on Lake Michigan through Group Z, LLC.

Group Z, LLC is a private charter company based in the 31st Street Harbor in Chicago.

After giving the boat a new paint job they installed two bars, one on the lower deck and one on the upper deck. It now has a capacity for 178 people as they give tours of the Chicago skyline.

If you want more information about the ship check out their website at

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