Wildwood Boardwalk / Wildwood Video Archive Exclusive

We have something hot off the Wildwood press for you and it is something you should check out online before your upcoming trip to the Wildwoods. The Wildwood Video Archive was able to get the “behind the scenes” details and photos of the newest thing on the Wildwood boardwalk.

Our friends, Vince Della Vella and Bob Sahasaylo, at go2wildwood.com took all the great steals and deals on their website and made it into a shop on the Wildwood Boardwalk. They call it the, “Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store” and it’s located at 2304 Boardwalk, (23rd and the boardwalk) Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store 5

For those who don’t already know what go2wildwood.com is, it is an online store that advertises coupons and deals for all the activities in Wildwood, from motels to mini golf. Go2Wildwood has been here since 2013 helping families come down to Wildwood and save money.

They took the online principal and made it into a physical store on the boardwalk. The store will have “last minute” deals. For example, If the Silver Bullet boat ride sees that they still have 10 seats open for their next trip out to sea, they will reach out to the Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store and give them a cheaper price to sell the tickets as fast as possible.

I bet you wonder how they can do this. Well let me explain.

Inside the Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store, there will be 14 monitors lining the ceiling. The top 7 monitor will feature “Today’s Deals” and the bottom 7 monitors, which are turned sideways on the middle of the wall, will feature a list of “Suggestions” for each vacation such as; breakfast, lunch, dinner, attractions, water sports, shopping & hotels, and the other suggestions.

Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store 2

A person strolling down the boardwalk could just walk right in and see what deals are on the boardwalk and purchase them right there! (We have a photo showing what the wall will look like when it is done pictured above)

Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store 6What else is great about the Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store is the features inside the store. Besides the monitors showing the deals they also have the Wildwood’s large map. Measuring out at 12 feet by 5 feet, this map features all the places that Go2Wildwood and Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store have a partnership with.

The store will also have the longest Wildwood Boardwalk map too. The map, which will be on the left hand side wall will be 40 feet long! On this map, it breaks down each block on the Wildwood Boardwalk and shows you what is on each block. Here is an example of a few streets on the the map and what is on the block. (Pictured below)Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store 4
We agree with store manager, Vince Della Vella, when he said, “Who wouldn’t want to save a dollar while on vacation, so stop The Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store and begin your Wildwood Vacation with saving a few dollars.”

If your on the go and want to see the up to minute deals make sure to download their App in the App Store. Look up the name, “Boardwalk Bucks”

Opening day is scheduled for Thursday March 24th. From that date on they will be open 7 days a weeks, starting at 9am daily.

For those who are coming down to Wildwood for Mother’s Day, Go2Wildwood.com and The Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store have 55 package deals to offer for Mother’s Day weekend!

The package includes:

Hotel, Breakfast 2 Days, Dinner one night, mini golf passes, old time photo session, 4 ice cream cones and more for $299 – 3Days/2Nights May 6th-8th!

The 3 options for the Hotels will be

Paradise Ocean Resort(WWC)

Roman Holiday Resort(NWW)

Acacia Beachfront Resort(WWC)

Thank you so much for reading. With the summer coming up fast make sure to check back to the WildwoodVideoArchive.com everyday as it is updated daily with information about The Wildwoods.