History of The Morey’s Piers Website


Wouldn’t it be super cool if you were able to go back in time and look up things from the past? We did just that but with a Wildwood twist. 

Through-out the years Morey’s Piers has been at the forefront of technology age. They were always two steps in front of what the future would bring. From the newest rides to paperless tickets. Morey’s always evolved to beat amusement parks. 

The Wildwood Video Archive was able to obtain a time machine that allows us to jump back in time on websites and play around on these top of the line sites of their age. 

Come join us and remember the nostalgia of seeing the old Morey’s Piers sites with older prices, information, and rides. Relive the websites that made you want to get back to Morey’s as soon as possible!



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