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Boardwalk To Get Upgraded Address System

Boardwalk To Get Upgraded Address System

It’s no secret that over the past few years the Wildwood Boardwalk public address system has been acting funky.

Who hasn’t been watching the fireworks on Friday Nights or trying to listen to the National Anthem but no music would be coming from the speakers?

It’s an issue both the city of Wildwood and North Wildwood recognized not just from an entertainment standpoint but a safety one. The system first dotted the 100 poles on the boardwalk as a paging system before becoming playing the fireworks music.

Back in late summer 2021, Wildwood Boardwalk Special Improvement District (WSID) executive director and North Wildwood Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, said that the fiberoptic cables that ran under the boardwalk had been damaged due to the saltwater. The speakers south of Mariner’s Pier started to malfunction causing multiple speakers to no function.

It was at that time it was announced that a project would be coming in the future to help upgrade the decade-old public address systems.

The great news is we will finally get to see this happen.

According to a new public notice, the city of Wildwood authorized an agreement with the Wildwood Boardwalk Special Improvement District (WSID) to repair and upgrade the boardwalk public address system whereas.

The city passed Resolution No. 144- 3-22, which authorized the use of the Fiscal Year 2022 Urban Enterprise Zone Funds for a project to repair and upgrade the boardwalk public address system.

The project was approved for $34,097.00 (to not eclipse $35,000) and will be completed in time for May 2023 or earlier.

At this time it is unclear if all 100 poles will only get new cables or if new speakers will be introduced.

One this is certain, next summer get ready for the daily National Anthem at full strength.

Stay tuned for more details.

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