Boat Fire In Wildwood’s Otten Harbor – Photos and Videos

Roughly around 11 am Saturday, May 1st, 911 received a phone call that a boat was on fire in Otten’s Harbor.

The call placed said that the cabin of the boat was smoking but was unsure of what was on fire.

Bystanders started live streaming as the fire turned from a smokey grey into black smoke. (See photos at the bottom)

Wildwood Fire’s Squad 3 was the first to arrive on the scene to set up.

The crew found a 30-foot long vessel on fire and docked next to the Ship N Shore Bar on 434 W Montgomery Ave in Wildwood.

Unknown to the crews, the fire had caused the mooring lines, which was keeping it at the dock, to full burn.

As soon as the crews started to spray their high-powered hoses on it, the boat started to move into the middle of the harbor. Firefighters used hooks and poles to push the boat away from the boats and buildings. 

The firefighters and the tide pushed the boat further into the harbor, passing and hitting other boats, and ended at the end of the harbor, at the area where the old Big Blue Sightseer was located.

As soon as it hit this location crews hit it with their hoses and put out the fire. By this point, North Wildwood’s fire/rescue boat assisted. 

No word yet on if there were any injuries.

Thank you to our amazing first responders who were able to get this fire under control within 20 minutes of arrival.

Check back later for more details

[Photos and videos by Tina Tinneny]


Boat Fire In Wildwood’s Otten Harbor

Boat Fire In Wildwood’s Otten Harbor


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