Wildwood Boat Fire UPDATE

Yesterday around 10:30 a 911 call was placed stating that a 40’ pleasure vessel was on fire in Otten’s Harbor.

Wildwood Boat Fire UPDATE

Wildwood Boat Fire UPDATE

Squad Co. 3, under the command of Capt. Matt Johnson and North Wildwood FD Ladder Co. 2 were dispatched to the fire. 

Once Squad Co. 3 arrived they found a working boat fire at 400 block of Dock St.

At this time an unknown victim had sustained heavy burns while leaving the boat and was taken to a nearby business while waiting for EMTs.

Wildwood Crest EMS and AtlantiCare Paramedic transported the victim to the Cape May County Armory where the victim was airlifted to Jefferson University Hospital Burn Center in Philadelphia.

The victim is listed in serious condition as of 8 pm last night.

Back at the scene, the alarm was upgraded to a full first alarm assignment.

At this level, all off-duty firefighters and additional resources from surrounding towns were called.

These departments were Wildwood Crest FD, Rio Grande FD, and Stone Harbor FD. As a team, they attacked the fire on all sides including fireboats from North Wildwood FD and Stone Harbor FD.

Just as Squad Co. 3 arrived the vessel broke free of its moorings and the wind pushed it to the end of the Harbor. At this point, the boat sat at the old location of the Big Blue Sightseer.

The fire was contained in roughly about 30 minutes. 

There was one minor injury to a Wildwood City firefighter.

Below are some photos of the vessel after the fire was extinguished by the City of Wildwood FD and Jim Buckmuse.

Wildwood Boat Fire UPDATE

Wildwood Boat Fire UPDATE

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