The East Point Lighthouse Problem.

In the state of New Jersey, we are blessed with beautiful nature, beaches, and some of the best sunsets in the world. One other thing we are blessed with is history.

The East Point Lighthouse Problem

The East Point Lighthouse Problem

Since its founding on December 18, 1787, New Jersey has seen a ton of changes and events. From a revolutionary war to World War II, our state has been in the middle of it all.

Over time some history gets erased and forgotten but luckily for us, we have a ton of historical societies that stand up and help protect some of our historic things.

In the state of New Jersey, we have over 18 historic lighthouses ranging from the Sandy Hook Light, first built in 1764, to the ‘latest’Tucker’s Beach Light, which is a replica built in the 1980s.

Right now one of these 18 lighthouses is fighting for their lives, The East Point Lighthouse.

The East Point Light, known as the Maurice River Light is located in (Heislerville, New Jersey) Maurice River Township.

This lighthouse has an interesting history. It was first built in 1849, making it the second oldest in New Jersey, and inactive from 1941 (some would say due to the fear of German U-boats).

From 1941 until 1971 the lighthouse was boarded up and falling apart. A historical society raised money and started to fix her up when by mistake she caught fire.

Fast forward until now the lighthouse had been fully restored, both the exterior and interior work…BUT there are two problems.

In the video below find out what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in order for this lighthouse to be saved.

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