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Buy Your 2016 Wildwood Art Calendar


Wildwood Art Contino

                Wildwood Art Example 

Looking for something to buy a friend or a family member for Christmas? consider buying them a 2016 Wildwood Art Calendar.

The 2016 Wildwood Art Calendar showcases many of The Wildwoods landmarks and beautiful views but in digital art form. Created by the Wildwood Video Archive founder, Joey Contino, this calendar includes twelve (12) art photos of Wildwood that are displayed at the top of each month. Every photo takes you back to a hot summer’s day.


The Calendar comes in two sizes. 

 8.5 x 11 = priced out to $21.00

XL Wall Calendar 11 x 14 = priced out to $31.00


No matter what size you purchase you get to pick out your own binder color!
Keep the summer alive year round with the 2016 Wildwood Art Calendar. Click here to purchase your 2016 Wildwood Art Calendar!


Wildwood Art Contino 2

                                                                 Wildwood Art Example #2