As many of you may know, I am a lover of anything Wildwood. I lived here, grew up here, and worked most of my life here. That being said I would do anything it took to save anything historical from The Wildwoods. This post is in regards to a post I wrote about the Ed Zaberers Sign/ Click here to read that article.

flemings Pumpkin Run

Flemings Pumpkin Run

Just two weeks ago it had been brought to my attention that one of the Zaberers signs that has been missing for years had turned up at a Junkyard in South Jersey called Flemings Junkyard. This is a retired junkyard that is no longer in use except for one day out of the year when they hold a car show. This event is called “Fleming’s Pumpkin Run”.  If you have ever gone to this event you would know that the owner of the junkyard, Harry Fleming, loves to collect old cars, signs, and anything interesting so that he can display it. The Pumpkin Run is honestly a really cool site to see. (Check out their website here).

When someone had posted a picture of the sign the day after the event I saw how this beautiful Wildwood landmark was just sitting there rusting away in the woods. I knew that I had to do something to save it.

Here is just a little history on this sign in particular. This sign was originally at the Zaberers outside Atlantic City and was moved to North Wildwood after they closed the Atlantic City Zaberers around 1984. This sign was positioned across the street from the original North Wildwood Zaberers Sign. (Old sign was where the Star Diner currently stands and this sign was located on the corner where WaWa is currently).


Ed Zaberers Old Sign

Ed Zaberers Old Sign

Before I started making plans to save the sign I first wanted to gage you, my readers and you all did not disappoint. Within 4 days our story had been viewed by just shy of 8,000 viewers. You all have me great feedback. Only 4 people asked to not move forward. (You can’t please everyone). I had heard from people all over the country and even one guy from Canada.
With a large success with the article and the positive feedback I decided to make a plan. I contacted the fabulous ABS Signs company to price out how much it would cost to fix. (This is the sign company that makes all your favorite Wildwood signs you love today. They are also the sign company that took down the sign back in 1996).   I also reached out to a fellow Wildwood enthusiast and a great friend, Al from Wildwood365, to partner up in the fight to save the sign. Al is just like me. He would do whatever it takes to help keep the history alive in Wildwood. I love him for that!
Ed Zaberers Sign Wildwood Video Archive 2

The Plan For The Ed Zaberers Sign

The plan was to raise the money to purchase, repair, place and run the sign via a website called GoFundMe. We would have had to raised close to 25k due to how much damage the sign had due to being rusted and neglected. If everyone had donated $5 each we would have enough.
I reached out to Flemings and had heard nothing from them for two weeks. In those two weeks I emailed, called, Facebooked them and had head nothing. Finally after 16 days I got my answer.
 Ed Zaberers Wildwood Video Archive
Harry Fleming left me a voicemail letting me know that he wishes not to sell because he would like to keep it for the one day Pumpkin Run event he holds. It was simple as that.  I called him back to plead with him but he only stood his ground more saying that he was not interested.
I personally do not like to be defeated but when someone is so dead lock on something they won’t change their mind. I respect Harry’s answer even if I don’t agree with it. Instead of getting angry and bent out of shape I am just going to say that this does not stop my determination in protecting Wildwood landmarks.


There are tons of amazing landmarks in Wildwood that need to be saved and protected for future generations to come. I have so many great ideas for Wildwood and I propared to do whatever it takes in getting my way.

Please check back on my site regularly and I upload new historical Wildwood videos and new blogs about events happening in the Wildwoods.

Thank you so much everyone for your support and your love.

Joey Contino
Wildwood Archive Manager.
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