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The Wildwoods Quiz! Pt. 2

The Wildwoods Quiz! Pt. 2

Thank you for everyone who did the part one of “The Wildwoods Quiz” As promised, here is part 2 of the quiz!

If you are anything like us here at “The Wildwood Video Archive” you are just crazy about the Wildwoods. You are so crazy about the Wildwoods that you want to learn everything you can about them. Not only the history of the Island and the Boardwalk but also the history of the motels, neon signs and etc.  We dug up some facts The Wildwoods and we want to see if you know your history. Take the The Wildwoods Quiz

Just as with “The Wildwoods Quiz!” Wildwood Quiz Part 1.

This is how it works! Just like in school we are going to give you a little test. We won’t make it that hard. What we will do it write most of the fact about the Tram car and all you need to do it fill in the blank. For some I know it will be difficult but take a guess. I will include the answer key at the bottom of the article. Do your self a favor and don’t cheat! When your done share it with a friend and see how they do. Post your results below.

Good Luck!

Joey Contino

1. The Wildwoods International ___ Festival, Is the largest festival of it’s kind in North America, and is held each Memorial Day Weekend.

2 . The new “Wildwoods” sign stands __ feet high and __ feet long and has a video camera trained on it that broadcasts the image 24 hours a day over the internet so visitors can have friends and family see them visiting the sign live, online.

3. The Whaling Wall, painted by world-renowned environmental artist Wyland, can be viewed at ______ Avenue and ________.

4 . Bobby Rydell’s hit 1963 song, “___________ _______,” is about the five-mile island.

5.  _______ __________ first introduced the dance craze The Twist in the Wildowods at the Pepperment Lounge.

6. The Wildwoods have over _________ accommodations – including oceanfront hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, luxury townhouses and condominiums

7. The Wildwoods’ beaches, unlike most beaches in the United States, are the _______ beaches on the East Coast.

8. The Wildwoods are home to the historic 1874 ______ ______ Lighthouse which was designed by Paul J. Pelz, the man who later designed the Library of Congress in Washington, DC

9.  On January __ , 1912, Wildwood was incorporated as a city.

10. In 2008-09, a section of the boardwalk was rebuilt using ___ _______ hardwood.