California Wild Fires Create Haze In Wildwood

It’s easy to forget that we are all together on this planet. When something happens halfway around the world you really don’t think about it too much as it doesn’t interfere with your daily life. Today that changes a little bit.

If you have been down the shore for the past few days you would have noticed that our sunrises and sunsets have been looking quite different.

A normal sunrise shows a clear ray of light as it breaks the surface but lately that sunrise and sunsets have been Hazy. This is due to the wild fires taking place in California and several other states.

The fires produce large amounts of smoke that get caught in the wind currents causes the haze to travel across the country.

This haze creates a strange yellow coloring when the sun is rising and setting giving it a strange thing to see in our area.

Weather forecasters are unsure how long these hazy conditions will be in our area. Be sure to snap a few photos and send them our way.

Some of the photos below are from “Moore In Focus

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