Barge Stuck On The N. Wildwood Beach

From time to time down here we experience some strange nautical events.

Right now the US Army Corps of Engineers are under taking a big project in the Hereford Inlet. They are fixing a portion of the seawall that collapsed a few months ago.

If you want to learn how the seawall was built click the link below.

Building The N. Wildwood Seawall + Photos

Late Monday Night a hopper vessel containing rocks for repair of the Seawall broke loose from the moorings and drifted into the inlet handing itself on the North Wildwood Beach about 30 feet from the water line.

The Engineers had decided to wait until high tide, which was last night, to pull it off the beach.

This morning we found out that the barge was unable to be towed back out to sea.

Our very own Deb Moore has some photos of the barge. Check them out below.

Barge Stuck On The N. Wildwood Beach

Barge Stuck On The N. Wildwood Beach

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