Wildwood Hits Top 10 In Most Popular US Destinations

Wildwood Hits Top 10 In Most Popular US Destinations

Wildwood Hits Top 10 In Most Popular US Destinations

There was an interesting article on Associated Press today that I wanted to share with you titled “Summer Vacations Signal Long-Term Shift In Consumer Travel Behavior.” While this might seem like an uneventful article is has some very interesting data with it.

With data coming from Trivago, which is a travel booking site, they have determined that, desired destinations have shifted from urban and international to coastal and suburban or less populated domestic destinations including smaller towns and coastal or beach destinations.”

With the change in travel due to Covid-19, Trivago’s research saw three major travel elements evolve; timing, distance/type of destination and accommodation.

Timing – Folks are planning their vacations closer to their departure (spontaneous trips)

Distance – People aren’t willing to travel far for their destinations

Accommodation – People are looking to book alternative accommodations such as AirBnBs vs hotel rooms.

In their research they have found that with this move from Urban to Coastal towns, The Wildwoods have replaced Boston in the 10th spot for the most popular destination for US travelers.

How cool?!

While we don’t have the full stats on this research we reached out for more detailed information. Feel free to stop back later.

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