A Wildwood Crest Motel Has Gone Condo

For the past few days, we have been getting many questions about what is going on with the Cape Cod Inn.

Located at 6109 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood Crest, the Cape Cod Inn has been a very popular motel since it opened in 1970.

Folks who have reached out to us have told us how this motel has been their family tradition for generations.

Those who tried to make reservations came to find their website offline and their phone was not connected. This is very odd for a motel that would be opening up shortly for Memorial Day Weekend.

We wanted to keep an eye on this property in the off-season because back in May 2021, the Cape Cod Inn had sold for $3.6 million. At that time it had been rumored that the motel was going condo.

When we have been filming our monthly Wildwoods Construction recaps, we noticed a ton of movement at this motel.

For most of the off-season, there had been dumpsters and building supplies outside in the parking area. Everything from wood, pipes, tile, and more.

We have now gotten our answer on what is becoming of this motel…it’s going condo.

In a Facebook post, we had gotten our answer.

In a response to a guest who asked why they can’t get in touch with someone, the Facebook page said;

“The motel was sold last year and now it’s under construction. It’s going to be renovated and turned into condos. We will create a website as soon as rooms are ready for the market”

We are sad to see another motel converted into condos but are so happy that they chose to renovate the building instead of knocking it down.

There is no word yet on when these rooms will be on the market but stay tuned.

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