The Crest Arts Pavilion Opening Date + More

Over the past few years, we have been giving you updates on the old Wildwood Crest library.

Located at 6301 Ocean Avenue, this building has been vacant since the new Wildwood Crest Library was built down the street at 6300 Atlantic Ave.

You might remember this project was originally going to be called The Crest Living room but now will be called The Crest Arts Pavilion.

In the past, the plans have changed a little but the overall experience is going to be the same.

As a recap, the entire building and its property is going through a massive transformation.

On the inside of the building, we see senior space, a cafe, a common area, bathrooms, and a historical area.

On the outside, we are seeing beautiful gardens, expanded parking, fire pits, a stage, a great lawn, picnic areas, lounge chairs, and sculptures.

In this new facility, the Borough is offering two lease opportunities to new or existing businesses.

1- Retail store – winning bidder has the exclusive right to use all official and protected trademarks of Wildwood Crest and sell their own goods.

2- cafe/ food and beverage location with window to the bike path and oceanfront and indoor seating and counter space.

The first year’s rent will be prorated based on the opening date. (which will be July 1st)

The winning bidders will have a 3-year lease with the option to renew for 4th and 5th years.

First Minimum bids are low to attract bidders and in the following year’s minor increases.

The property is seasonal use but will have the opportunity to be year-round.

For more information and bid packet or schedule a walkthrough please contact the municipal clerk’s office or 609-729-8040 after May 18th.

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