Cape May Ferry Sinking UPDATE

We have been following the sinking of the retired Cape May Ferry, MV Twin Capes, and many of you had questions about the way it sank. We finally have an update for you.

If you want to get caught up on everything that led up to this point please read our first article using the link below.

Cape May-Lewes’ Ferry To Be Sunk 

As you may know, the Cape May Ferry, MV Twin Capes, sank on Friday June 15th at 11:55AM. By watching the video, which you can see on the bottom of this page, many of you wanted to know how the ship landed on the ocean floor. She is at cords 38 30.882 by 074 30.848

There had been many rumors floating around that it sank on it’s side. This turns out to be true.

The MV Twin Capes was supposed to go down stern first and then bow but instead she started rolled to the left.  As she sank to the bottom she landed on her port side (left side).

This is not a problem as the fish can still make the ship their home and divers can still dive at the site.

The answer to why would you sink the ferry is answered simply. The Atlantic Ocean is a bare bottom with not many reefs. By sinking the MV Twin Capes it allows fish to breed in a protected environment. The plus is that studies have shown that the reefs bring in over $7 Million in coastal economy.

Some asked why didn’t they just cut apart of the ship and sell the metal. According to the Cape Gazette, the price of steel was too low making the cost of tear down more then the cost of the money. 

Lastly it was asked if the ship is polluting the water. Not at all. It took 11 months for the Colleen Marine (the guys who sank her) to remove anything harmful. The beauty is that the reef will last for over a century.

We hoped that answered everyones questions. Feel free to watch the sinking of the MV Twin Capes below.

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